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Sturdy eye glasses for your children from infant to teen in Jacksonville FL

Eyewear for Kids at Bob Ham Eyewear in Jacksonville FL we specialize in children's eyewear. For over three decades we are taking care of our children in the Mandarin Jax area. From infant to teen, our eye care professional's are trained to take care of your child, regardless their age. We have the largest selection of kids glasses in the Jax area! Brand's we carry are

  • Dilli Dalli

  • Nano

  • Nano Vista

  • Tomato

  • Ray Ban

  • Superflex

  • Tura

  • and many more!

Largest selection of children kids eyewear in Jacksonville fl

eyeglasses for my child

Many of our children's eyeglasses are twistable and flexible. Sometimes even made from all rubber. They come standard with a year warranty on frame and lenses. Most younger kid's glasses will have ear hooks and straps so they won't come down easily. All of our kid's glasses are made for today's environment and are super sturdy! Kid-proof eyeglasses!

We also carry a great selection of eyeglasses for children with special needs.

Bob Ham Eyewear is recommended by Nemours and many other surrounding

ophthalmologists in the area.

We love working with Children! Come SEE why we are different at Bob Ham Eyewear in Mandarin/Jacksonville. Our website is and our phone number is 904-268-5949.

Flexible strong eyeglasses for kids children

Kids glasses from infant to teen at Bob Ham Eyewear in Jacksonville


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