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Blue Light, the good and bad

You might have heard of it, blue light. But what exactly is blue light and what are sources of blue light? Is it dangerous or good? How does it affect you and should you prevent it? I have the answers for you.

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What is Blue Light?

Just like UV-A and UV-B light, which are harmful to skin and eyes, there is blue light. blue light is a part of the visible spectrum of light.

Spectrum of light

As you can see, the 'Visible Light' is just a tiny part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and it's right next to the harmful UV light.

Sources of Blue Light:

  • Sun

  • Cell Phone screen

  • Tablet screen

  • Computer/laptop/TV screen

  • Fluorescent and LED lights


Fact: On average, American's spend 7.4 hours a day on a digital devices. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The 'bad' of Blue Light

We all know that UV light is bad for your skin and eyes. UV light can damage the front of your eyes while blue light can harm the back of your eyes.

Recent studies show that exposure to blue light could cause serious long term damage to your eyes. The studies indicate that blue light causes eye strain and could cause Macular Degeneration - the leading cause of vision loss.

The 'good' of Blue Light

But blue light has a good side to it as well! Research has shown that blue light boost alertness, helps memory, cognitive function and elevates your mood. Blue light is also important in regulating the circadian rhythm, which is the body's natural wakefulness and sleep cycle. However too much blue light before bed time might interfere with you sleep cycle and makes it harder to go to sleep.

So.... Should I protect myself from blue light?

Yes absolutely! There are indoor and outdoor blue light glasses which can protect you. They don't block 100% blue light but give you just the right amount of protection and the right amount of blue light you need.

Good to know:

  • Costa Del Mar and Revo are the leaders in blue light protection for sunglasses.

  • Even if you don't need a glasses prescription, blue light glasses are available for you at your local optical shop.

  • Contact lenses are not available with blue light protection, so be sure to protect yourself if you wear contacts.

  • As with all products, not all blue light filters are the same. There are very inexpensive filters which don't work nearly as good. Go to a reputable optical shop and talk to a licensed optician so you know you get the best advice and protection for your eyes.


Wearing blue light protective glasses is a healthy thing to do. You will experience less eye fatigue and (digital) eye strain. You might even sleep better! Above anything you protect yourself from damage to your retina.

Comment below if you wear blue light glasses or have any questions regarding blue light.

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Martijn Heuts

Licensed Optician

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