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Located in the Merchant’s Walk by Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant on San Jose Blvd. in Jacksonville Florida

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Eye Care Services

Comprehensive vision exams and so much more.

Proudly serving Florida’s Duval and St. Johns counties for more than 51 years.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Southside, Jacksonville & So More

Our eye care center offers eye health services to clients of all ages, from children to older adults, immediate attention for eye emergencies, and excellent eyeglass repair and adjustment. The optometrist in Bob Ham Eyewear provides eyewear prescriptions as well as routine Comprehensive eye exams and vision tests. You can get in touch with our eye doctor's office to set up an appointment at your convenience and learn more about some of our key services below.

Optometrist, woman at an eye exam in Jacksonville, FL

Complete eye exams are not just for updating your prescription. Learn more about what your eye doctor will screen for, what to expect at your appointment.

Optometrist, woman at a contact lens eye exam in Jacksonville, FL

A contact lens exam provides all of the measurements and testing that are required to determine if your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear.

Eye doctor, woman suffering from eye infection in Jacksonville, FL

Our eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, and something stuck in your eye.

Eye doctor, woman holding an orange on her eye in Jacksonville, FL

We invite you to browse through these articles to find information about vision and eye health for you and your family.